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Make Your Eyes Pop With These Simple Steps

So you have that perfect plus size cocktail dress, but now you want to achieve a great look for your eyes to compliment it. Here with these simple steps you will turn heads and stop people in their tracks with just your eyes.

  1. First you want to make sure you always get the proper amount of sleep and rest. Having less rest will cause your eyes to get those dreadful bags that we all dread.
  2. Prime. Priming you eye lids helps make your eye shadow last twice as long. Natural oils from your eye lid cause eye shadow to get lumpy.
  3. Shadow. Adding eye shadow to eye lids will make your eyes pop, and depending on the color of shadow that you choose can even make your eyes appear different colors. Swipe eye lid with shadow and blend upwards toward brow bone.
  4. Liner. Eye liner is a great way to make the eyes stand out and “POP”. For a less dramatic look use a brown eye liner color. For more dramatic look use black eye liner. Apply eye liner on the crease/rim of the eye lashes (top and bottom) in an even matter so it does not look clumpy.
  5. Mascara. To help fluff and thicken your eye lashes use mascara. This will also help frame your eyes. Apply uses the mascara wand in upward motions on the top eyes lashes and downward motions on the bottom eyes lashes.
  6. Curl. Using a lash curler will help even the dullest straight eye lashes achieve that beautiful glamor look.
  7. Brows. Lastly, fillin in brows with a eyebrow pencil that is the same color or one shade darker then your nateral eyebrow color will help add that emphasis to make your look complete. Use light strokes to color in brows making sure not to over do it so your brows will not get mucked up.

Now its time to go out on the town and show off your new look. Now you got the eyes to match your beautiful plus size cocktail dress.

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